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Woman giving a presentation

Museum Lectures

Come on a journey of discovery with a program of talks.


Illuminating Nature

Learn how a Melbourne watchmaker and amateur scientist used the art of magic lantern projection to present scientific discoveries of the natural world. 

Old book

The History of Money: Part 2 Abolishing Slavery

Money, trade and the human experience lecture series.

Victoria Broackes

Revolutions Curator Lecture

Join us to hear Victoria Broackes, Senior Curator of London’s Victoria and Albert Museum speak about Melbourne Museum’s latest international exhibition Revolutions.

Man and a woman with animations projected over them

Gut Feelings lecture

Hear the latest research on how our guts and mental health are linked and what we can do to be healthy and happy from the inside out.

Children participating in an archaeological activity in the Great Wall of China Exhibition during the 2007 Winter School Holiday Program at Melbourne Museum.

Under Your Feet

Join us for a short ride into the amazing world of Archaeology and its role in shaping the future and uncovering the past.

Woman talking to a crowd about the eels in the pond

Eel feeding

Watch a writhing mass of hungry eels gobble up their lunch!

talk Bunjilaka