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Museum Lectures

Come on a journey of discovery with a new program of talks.

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Reframing Colonial Histories

Artist, researcher and descendant of the Gunantuna people, Lisa Hilli will share insights and outcomes of her creative practice inspired by museum and archival collections from Papua New Guinea.

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Citizen Science

Di Bray, Erich Fitzgerald and Karen Rowe introduce wildlife projects achieving great things in Australia.

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The Problem with Plastics

Discover how the preservation of plastics is becoming one of the major museum collection management issues of the 21st century.

Palaeontologist Dr Erich Fitzgerald holding the fossilised ear bone of a Pygmy Right Whale up to a magnifying glass.

The Giants of Palaeontology

Dr Erich Fitzgerald and Dr Tom Rich, Senior Curators of Vertebrate Palaeontology at Museums Victoria, will talk about the biggest animals that ever lived, and the biggest list of volunteers on a dinosaur dig!

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Representing the Holocaust

Join the conversation with a panel of expert thinkers as they engage in a critical debate surrounding representations of the Holocaust.

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History Slam at History Week

This History Week join us in an event that turns history on its head.

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Is corporate social responsibility just a PR tool?

Join leading thinkers as they discuss how sustainable business models work – in theory, and in practice.

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Eel feeding

The eels are not fed over winter. They hibernate during winter when the water drops below 10oC.

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Migration, Television and Cultural Diversity in Australia since 1956

Discover how the histories of migration and television in Australia are intertwined, and how migrants are represented in the industry and on screen.

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Climate Sea Change

What Do We Know? When Did We Know It? What Do We Do?

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Pacific Gallery Redevelopment

Honouring customary knowledge holders, hear how the Te Pasifika redevelopment will convey positive change, respect and understanding to wider communities.


ABC’s Science Friction Live

A series of hot button conversations about science, society and culture. Guaranteed to provoke! 

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Making Futures: A slam event

See what results when creative thinkers get locked into museum collections for a day!