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Image taken by a microscope of a bees head

Buzz off!

How do you study a bee so small it can barely be seen? 

The adult butterfly is hanging from its chrysalis, and its wings are fully inflated

Life cycles

How insects grow and change is investigated through an example of the Wanderer Butterfly life cycle.

Portrait of a young man

George Lyell's letters

In addition to the development of his moth and butterfly collection, George Lyell’s letters reveal much about his personal relationships.

A pressed orchid specimen.

Pressed Orchids

Unlike their Asian counterparts, Australian orchids like the rosy spider orchid, pictured below, are beautifully understated. Delicate and beautiful, they are not flashy like the orchids available at your local nursery.

Professor Deirdre Coleman, Nik McGrath and Simon Hinkley in the ABC Radio Melbourne Studio, 19 November 2019.

On the wing

Professor Deirdre Coleman, Nik McGrath and Simon Hinkley join Richelle Hunt in the ABC Radio Melbourne Studio.

An adult butterfly

Teacher support materials

An outline of the resources supporting early years science and support materials for biology, physics and earth and space.

Curator Julian Finn photographing and collecting aquatic insects along the Wye River. Location: Australia, Victoria, Great Otway National Park, Wye River, At back of Wye River Big 4 Caravan Park, in river. Survey: Otways Bioscan OTB 2018 158

Science and research

In the past 3-5 years, Museums Victoria scientists and volunteers have conducted vital biodiversity surveys across Victoria that will provide invaluable benchmarks for fire-affected areas.

A child using a wrench

Curriculum links

A table mapping student resources against the Australian Curriculum: Science.

Museum staff showing box to an elderly woman

Adult presentations

Our travelling ‘museum in a van’ program delivers museum object-based sessions for adult groups who may find it difficult to visit one of our venues.

Results from our museums

Live Exhibits

A knowledgeable Museum expert will reveal a selection of insects, lizards and snakes from the Museum’s live animal collection.

Butterflies on display in the Bugs Alive! exhibition at Melbourne Museum

Bugs Alive! gallery visit

Uncover live insects and explore over 100 types of bugs and spiders from the museum’s collection in this exhibition.

Green christmas beetles in a cluster on the ground

Schoolyard Bugs!

Learn about insects and spiders and explore Museums Victoria’s amazing collection of bugs!

Science and Life Gallery, Melbourne Museum

Science and Life Gallery

Both entrances to the Science and Life Gallery create a sense of wonder. From the massive blue whale skeleton in the Main Foyer and Walk to the theatrical display of transformation in the Evolution Gallery, there is definitely something to spark curiosity in your guests.

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