Easy science experiments and activities

Even failed experiments can leave you with superpowers, just look at the incredible hulk! 


Sensory play with playdough

Join us in learning how to make your very own playdough! Be inspired to experiment with some sensory activities for your little ones.


Constellations in a cup

Hold a galaxy in your hands, with this constellation in a cup activity. Ask a grown up for some help, so you can enjoy the projections together!


Why are bubbles colourful?

Do you love watching the swirling colours in a bubble? Learn about where these colours come from with this simple activity.

Colour being absorbed into a paper towel

Let's make a rainbow

There is more than meets the eye with this experiment. Use some household items to pull apart colour and create some gorgeous art.


Make a model of the lung

Learn how to use household items to make a model of how your lungs work!

MV researchers camped at Native Dog Flat, with night sky capturing The Milky Way Galaxy.

Stargazing in winter

Look up at the night sky with us this winter!

Yellow and pink swirl of star light

Painting a nebula

Massive, glowing, colourful space clouds! Bring these stunning nebulae into your home with a few art supplies.

Night skies with outlined Boorong Constellations

First Peoples in Australia Astronomy

Let’s explore a few of the constellations of the Boorong people of North West Victoria!

illustrations of the solar system

The Solar System in your pocket

This activity will have you creating a paper model of the distances in our Solar System that you can pop in your pocket.

Biscuits with black icing with swirls of colour

Make a galaxy biscuit

Decorate biscuits taking inspiration from the Milky Way.


Make your own ball run!

Why does an apple fall from a tree? Or a spin top spin? Or a ball roll or bounce?


Let's make slime!

Icky yucky sticky disgusting slime! Learn how to use household items to make your own.

Child holding a magnifying glass up to their face

How to make a magnifying glass

Have you ever wondered why things look bigger when you look at them with a magnifying glass? We will show you how to make your own.


Make it melt

Have you been grabbing treats and ingredients out of the freezer? While you’re there why not grab some ice to experiment with?


Why is cake fluffy?

Have you been helping with baking lately? The kitchen is like a home science laboratory where experimentation can happen.


Getting sticky with static

Have you ever received a static shock from jumping on a trampoline? Or touching a door knob? Experiment with static electricity at home!

Scienceworks Lightning Room demonstration with young audience.

Mini lightning and thunder

Lightning strikes around the world about 100 times a second. What is lightning, and where does it come from?


Let’s make bubbles

What’s more fun than bubbles? Learn how to use household items to create your own bubble wand!

Port Phillip Bay (?), Victoria, circa 1925.

Make a floating device

Design, build and test your own floating device using creativity, problem solving and a few things from around your house.

A close up view of the moon sculpture, showing craters and other geological features present on the moon surface.

Find the full moon

Full moons only happen once every month! Tonight, why not have a go at our moon activity?


Paper aeroplanes

What makes a paper plane fly better than a piece of paper?

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We’ve turned some of our much loved collection items and galleries into online puzzles.


Let's make a whirlygig

Make your own whirylgig that spins like a helicopter as it floats through the air.


Can you see sound?

Can we see sound? Check out our newest tesla coils then join us for a simple experiment to see sound at home!


Changing colour with cabbage

Create a colour-changing liquid and gorgeous artworks with some cabbage and simple household items.


Make magnets at home

Are magnets natural or made by humans? Simon answers this question as he explores some different types of magnets, including lodestones and electromagnets.

Air cannon instructions

How to make an air cannon

Can you move things with air? Learn how to use household items to create your own air cannon!

Fall in tree and undergrowth in a forest
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Mindfulness for kids

Stuck indoors? Let this video specifically designed for kids take you to the Otways National Park.

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