Girl in tradition costume

Past community festivals

Celebrating the rich traditions of a variety of nationalities and ethnicities.

visitors viewing the Identity exhibition
Visit Immigration Museum

Identity: yours, mine, ours

An exhibition about identity – who we are and who others think we are.

Portrait of taxi driver in front of the first taxi he drove, ca. 1972.

Immigrant Stories

Each immigrant has their own unique story to tell. This website explores why they came, where they settled and how they started a new life in Victoria.

An apprehensive young woman is about to eat a mouthful of food.

Fusion, feminism and food

Flavours that flipped Australian kitchens.


Journeys to Australia

Immigration is a vital feature of Australia's history and national identity. Celebrate the journeys that changed Australia forever.

Scottish pipe band

Beyond kilts and bagpipes

Scottish associational culture and its wider impact on Australian society, circa 1840 to 1920
Lisa Jones, Larry Walsh and Rosemary Wrench

Listening to Elders

Community elders guide Museums Victoria in representing First Peoples.

Two people in a museum collection store looking at clothing

Fashion Redux at Melbourne Museum

Major fashion names used the Museums State Collection, in collaboration with Melbourne Fashion Festival, to create a completely unique look.

Melbourne's Biggest Family Album collection
Museums Victoria Collections

Melbourne's Biggest Family Album collection

In 2006 over 1000 favourite photographs of Melbourne were collected from Melburnians' private albums.

The Biggest Family Album in Australia collection
Museums Victoria Collections

The Biggest Family Album in Australia collection

Over 9000 photographs from rural and regional Victoria dating from the 1890s to the 1940s.

Tapestry with outline of Australia and text.
Museums Victoria Collections

The Federation Tapestry

Almost 41m long and 20,000 hours in the making, the tapestry marks the centenary of Australia's Federation.

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What are your origins?

Where have Victorians come from?

Why did they come?

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