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Wasp Control

The most effective means to control a European wasp problem is to destroy their nest. While you may feel good killing the wasps you see, you are really wasting your time. The queen European wasp is probably laying eggs faster than you can kill the wasps around your barbeque.

You can either call in a pest company or do it yourself. If you decided to destroy the nest yourself, remember to take precautions as European wasps will aggressively defend their nest.


Only treat a European wasp nest if you feel confident. Always make sure that you have a quick and easy escape passage away from the nest you are treating. Do not treat a nest if you think you are allergic to the sting of wasps, bees or ants. If you have any doubts, then contact a pest exterminator. Often your local council can provide you with the name of a local contractor specialising in treating European wasps.


The Museum accepts no responsibility for any injuries incurred by using this information to treat European wasp nests.

touch covered with red cellophane

A few rules for the 'Do It Yourself European wasp Pest Exterminator'.

  • Always treat the nest at night when wasp activity is low.
  • Always cover your torch with red cellophane as insects cannot see red light.
  • If possible, position the torch some distance from yourself, yet still illuminating the area to the treated.
  • Always wear loose clothing, fully covering your body, a floppy hat or veil and gloves.
  • Tell someone what you are doing and where you will be.

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