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Road to Zero: Road Safety Experience


Years 9-VCAL
Terms 1-4 Monday–Friday
Maximum 25 students

Health and PE, Science

School programs and resources

Don't miss our upcoming teacher's preview night of Road to Zero on Tuesday 17 March.

Road to Zero is a world first road safety education complex and has been developed by the TAC in partnership with the Melbourne Museum.

Road to Zero draws upon decades of TAC research and pedagogical practice, and is co-created with practicing teachers. Part of the Victorian Government’s Towards Zero vision, it aims to reduce road trauma in pre-learner drivers by building knowledge and awareness that will empower young road users to make safe decisions.

An education visit to Road to Zero comprises two experiences: the Road to Zero Experience Space - an immersive and exploratory gallery showcasing the latest in multi-sensory interactive technologies, and curriculum-linked programs in the purpose-built Learning Studios.

Highlights from the Road to Zero Experience Space include a 3-minute virtual reality experience where students travel in a car from 1970 to 2055, an elevator simulation where students experience a dramatic ‘drop’ from the 11th floor of the Royal Exhibition Building, as well as a digital exploration of TAC’s well-known Graham sculpture. To learn more about the Experience Space please visit Road to Zero

A visit to Road to Zero is two hours in duration.


Getting the message

Health and PE, Years 9-VCAL

Students research a 14-17 year old road user group (for example, pedestrians or cyclists) and craft a call to action designed to reinforce a chosen positive behaviour through the creation of a video ad campaign.

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Road to Zero physics challenge

Science, Years 9-10

Students participate in a virtual reality physics experiment to explore the relationships between speed and friction on car stopping distances using touch-table and VR technology.

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NEW in 2020 - Regional In-School Program

Victorian secondary schools more than two hours drive from Melbourne Museum can now book the travelling In-School Program. Replicating the experience at Melbourne Museum, the In-School Program includes an immersive pop-up exhibition, followed by a curriculum-based education program (either Health & PE or Science). 

For more information visit the Road to Zero website.

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