The Indo-West Pacific species of Neaxiopsis and Neaxius (Crustacea: Axiidea: Strahlaxiidae)

Gary C. B. Poore and Peter C. Dworschak

Memoirs of Museum Victoria Vol 77 p. 15–28 (2018)



The synonymy of Axius (Neaxius) gundlachi var. orientalis De Man, 1925, with Axius (Neaxius?) euryrhynchus De Man, 1905, now Neaxiopsis euryrhynchus (De Man, 1905), is confirmed. The synonymy of Axia acantha (A. Milne Edwards, 1879), Eiconaxius taliliensis Borradaile, 1900, and Axius acanthus mauritianus Bouvier, 1914, is confirmed; they are a single species, Neaxius acanthus. They and a second species from the Indo-West Pacific, Neaxius trondlei Ngoc-Ho, 2005, are not synonyms of Neaxius glyptocercus (von Martens, 1868), as was proposed in Sakai’s (2011) family synthesis. Instead, a second species (from southern Queensland, Australia, Fiji and French Polynesia) close to Neaxius glyptocercus from north-eastern Australia is diagnosed as Neaxius capricornicus sp. nov.


Poore, G.C.B., and Dworschak, P.C. (2018). The Indo-West Pacific species of Neaxiopsis and Neaxius (Crustacea: Axiidea: Strahlaxiidae). Memoirs of Museum Victoria 77: 15–28.

Publication date: 17 may 2018

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