Lunar Base landscape

Moonbase ONE

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Ages 8+
Price range $0–$9
plus museum entry $0–$15
Tickets sold out or limited
Call 13 11 02

The Moon has always captivated humanity, inspiring us to leave the world behind and venture into space.

Come on an amazing adventure as we strive to understand our magnificent neighbour the Moon.

Taking place across the night of a full moon, we join a Virtual Reality games developer as she struggles to work out what is wrong with her new game. The game is set on the Moon and it is all based on real science. Its due for launch, but there’s a problem. Could the bug be something to do with the phases of the Moon or how it was formed?

All Planetarium shows conclude with a staff-guided What’s in the sky tonight? presentation.

Please note: sessions during school hours may include school groups.


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