Creative and Digital Media

VCE VET Integrated Technologies students produce a range of electronic components, including programmable logic devices, computer networking, sustainable energy, robots and maintenance of rechargeable battery banks. This work demonstrates a range of student’s capabilities including originality, creativity and their ability to refine an ideas with a client or audience in mind.

Catherine Falconer 

Mentone Girls’ Grammar, Mentone

Portfolio Website

Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Illustrator

My website aims to display the work I completed in design and media during the year. It highlights my technical and artistic skills as a designer to future clients. I used aspects of my personality to characterise the aesthetic of my website. I decided to keep the website design simple and cohesive to make it easy to use, and effective in its portrayal of my work.

Eddy Faulkner

St Leonard’s College, Brighton East

The Man on Mars

Adobe Flash animation

My animation tells the story of a peculiar friendship forming between an astronaut and an alien. I used a simple storyline and visual storytelling to create an animation that can easily be understood by all ages.

Rebecca Furnari

Taylors Lakes Secondary College, Taylors Lakes

The Dancing Spirit

Adobe Flash animation

In my animation, the overall message I want viewers to take is to never give up on who you are and never lose sight of what you can still become, even on pain of death. A challenge that I could not overcome was how to make the animation stop and not repeat in a loop. I used processes and techniques such as storyboarding, classic tweening and character designs.

Carley Gold

Mentone Girls’ Grammar, Mentone

The Secret Garden

Adobe Flash animation, Adobe Animate

My aim was to create an animation sequence that reflected the key ideas of The Secret Garden in a diverse way, using watercolour settings and components. I painted all the components myself, and then created the animation in Adobe Animate.

Murray Jenkins

Assumption College Kilmore, Kilmore


Adobe Flash animation, Adobe Photoshop

To explore the idea of ‘judging a book by its cover’, this trailer aims to reveal that the friendly and lovable monster Egor (created in Photoshop) is more approachable than he appears. The comical style and plot is designed for a young demographic, highlighting expression and perspective through animation.

Alesia Li

Taylors Lakes Secondary College, Taylors Lakes


Adobe Flash animation

My aim was to create an animation that highlighted the transgender community. Using cartoon characters, I formed a short story depicting some of the experiences trans youth come across and how one may deal with them. I wish to show trans youth that they are seen, and to educate the greater community on trans issues.

Niamh Macdermid

Northern College of the Arts and Technology, Preston East

Kinda Gay Tattoo Co.

Adobe Flash, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Photoshop

As a queer teen and aspiring tattoo artist, I wanted to create my own hypothetical safe space where LGBTQ+ clients could get meaningful tattoos without bias or discrimination. Kinda Gay Tattoo Co. aimed to fill that void in the industry. I switched ideas three weeks in, deciding to pursue an idea I was passionate about.

Jade Rayner

Mentone Girls’ Grammar, Mentone

The Three Musketeers Opening Sequence

Animation Adobe Flash animation

This animation captures the main themes of adventure and action portrayed in the original story of The Three Musketeers, written by Alexandre Dumas. The main influence for this animation is the period clothing from the era of the 1620s, especially that of the musketeers and guards.

Samantha Rubeli

Mentone Girls’ Grammar, Mentone

Personal Portfolio

Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

My website aims to communicate my skills and past work to potential clients, as well as expressing my personality. I chose three words that describe me to incorporate into my web design: ‘optimistic’, ‘creative’ and ‘caring’, which are shown through the sketchbook design of the website.

Georgia Ryan

Northern College of the Arts and Technology, Preston East

Good Noodle

Adobe Animate, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Photoshop

Good Noodle is an advertisement for microwave ramen that turns a teen boy’s life from dull to sensational!

While researching, I discovered prominent use of bright red and yellow in Asian ramen packaging, which strongly influence the bold visual aesthetic. Additionally, I drew inspiration from anime, such as Flavors of youth, for the style of my animation.

Using Photoshop illustrations that I created, I then applied animation techniques with Adobe Animate and Premiere Pro.

Georgia Smith

Mentone Girls’ Grammar, Mentone

My Website

Adobe Flash animation, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Dreamweaver

My website aims to showcase my creative skills and design knowledge for future clients who might consider me for a design job. I was influenced by my previous tasks in Illustrator and Flash animation, so I drew on those skills when creating the website. The idea behind my website was three words – ‘creative’, ‘warm’ and ‘mysterious’.

Sarah Zagar

Kingswood College, Box Hill

Keeping Safe in Crocodile Country

Adobe Flash animation

My safety video aims to inform tourists about the risks of entering crocodile territory and how to avoid dangerous situations while on holiday. The use of Flash animation creates a more fun theme for the video, which reassures the audience that they can have an enjoyable time in croc country while also being cautious.

Joshua Zimmerman

St Leonard’s College, Brighton East

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Adobe Flash animation

My aim was to create an animation that uses a story commonly known among the population, but flip the genre. I did this to not only shock the viewer but enlighten them to the subtle horrors of a classic fairytale..

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