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Road to Zero physics challenge


Years 9-10
Terms 1-4 Monday–Friday
Minimum 10 students
Maximum 25 students


Road to Zero: Road Safety Experience

Don't miss our upcoming teacher's preview night of Road to Zero on Tuesday 17 March.

Students participate in a virtual reality physics experiment to explore the relationships between speed and friction on car stopping distances using touch-table and VR technology.

They will gain insights into the impacts of speed, and an understanding of the notion of inertia, as described in Newton's first law of motion.

Students then apply their learning to a team based challenge examining the roles of setting speed limits and designing roads for safety.

Class data sets and student work will be sent to the teacher after the program for analysis and exploration back at school. 

Your students' visit to Road to Zero will also include a 45 minute session in the Road to Zero Experience space – an interactive and immersive gallery experience.

Curriculum links

Science Levels 9-10

Physical sciences
The description and explanation of the motion of objects involves the interaction of forces and the exchange of energy and can be described and predicted using the laws of physics (VCSSU133)

Science inquiry skills
Formulate questions or hypotheses that can be investigated scientifically, including identification of independent, dependent and controlled variables (VCSIS134)

General Capabilities including critical and creative thinking, ethical capability and personal and social capability