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Getting the message


Years 9-VCAL
Terms 1-4 2019, Mon–Fri
Minimum 10 students
Maximum 25 students

Health and PE

Road to Zero: Road Safety Experience

Students research a 14-17 year old road user group (for example, pedestrians or cyclists) and craft a call to action designed to reinforce a chosen positive behaviour through the creation of a video ad campaign.

They will examine a range of community health campaigns, including well-known TAC examples, and explore key factors such as audience, media type and evidence based research in creating positive behaviour change outcomes.

Students will gain an understanding of the key behavioural, legal and safety factors including teen road safety issues and feel empowered to make safe road choices.

Student work and class video assets will be sent to the teacher after the program for further analysis or extension back at school. 

Your students' visit to Road to Zero will also include a 45 minute session in the Road to Zero Experience space – an interactive and immersive gallery experience.

Curriculum links

Health and Physical Education Levels 9-10 and VCAL

Contributing to healthy and active communities
Plan, implement and critique strategies to enhance the health, safety and wellbeing of their communities (VCHPEP149)

Communicating and interacting for health and wellbeing
Evaluate health information from a range of sources and apply to health decisions and situations (VCHPEP148)

General Capabilities including critical and creative thinking, ethical capability and personal and social capability