Dunny Detectives: Excavating Little Lon


Years 7-10
Terms 3-4 Tuesday–Thursday

The Arts

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The Little Lon section of the Melbourne Story exhibition is very evocative and immersive. In this program students will have the opportunity to uncover the significance of this moment in Melbourne’s History.

As Dunny Detectives students will explore the seedier aspects of Melbourne’s past to learn more about how the city evolved and developed. Drawing on archaeological evidence from this period, students will piece together their own story of Melbourne’s past.

Students will be provided with a trail booklet to document their findings as they excavate the content of the exhibition. A short staff-led introduction to this program will be provided with a hands-on activity with archaeological materials and objects.

Curriculum links

Victorian Curriculum: History

  1. Historical KnowledgeThe different methods and sources used by historians and archaeologists to investigate history and/or a historical mystery (VCHHK114)
  2. The significance and importance of conserving the remains and heritage of the past (VCHHK115)