Treasured Puzzles

Some of the world’s biggest, rarest, oldest and most fascinating treasures have landed at Melbourne Museum, all the way from London, for the whole family to enjoy. To celebrate the Treasures of the Natural World exhibition, we have turned some of the touring objects into puzzles! Select your level of difficulty and away you go.

Coloured etching of dodo bird
Dodo - Raphus cucullatus - from The Naturalist's Miscellany

The Dodo - Naturalist's Miscellany Plate 123

The Dodo is perhaps the most well-known symbol of human-caused extinction. Did you know that despite its fame, no museum actually holds a complete specimen?

While the last dodo died many years ago, this print keeps its image alive in intricate illustrative detail. An exclusive rare print sourced from Museums Victoria's own collection features bookplate 123 from The Naturalist's Miscellany Volume 4 by George Shaw (1789-1813) is available from the Museums Victoria Store.

Easy (10 pieces) | Medium (60 pieces) | Hard (200 pieces)

Gold ring containing colourful weevil
Weevil Ring - Tetrabothynus regalis

Weevil ring

Tetrabothynus regalis. Hispaniola, Greater Antilles

The Latin inscription on this lavish ring is from the poet Virgil. It reads Admiranda tibi levium spectacula rerum, meaning ‘I'll tell of tiny things that make a show well worth your admiration'. The centrepiece is a rare brightly coloured weevil found only on the island of Hispaniola in the West Indies. A craze for collecting plants and animals gripped fashionable society in the 18th century, and natural history jewellery was all the rage.

Photo: Natural History Museum, London

Easy (10 pieces) | Medium (60 pieces) | Hard (200 pieces)

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Finished already? There's lots more puzzling to be done at Melbourne Museum, Scienceworks and Immigration Museum!

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