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A range of topics are available for aged-care facilities in the form of reminiscing kits that are sent out or virtual tours and resources.

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Reminiscing kits

Reminiscing kits are cases containing object-based resources for reminiscing sessions that include a range of social history items that can be handled. They have been specifically designed for activity coordinators in an aged-care setting to use in reminiscing sessions and are most suitable for aged care groups.

Various objects and props relating to childhood games used in reminiscing kit outreach programs

Childhood games and pastimes

Did you ever play jacks and marbles or impress your friends with yo-yo tricks? This kit contains games popular in the 1920s-50s.

Various objects and props relating to dancing used in outreach programs

Dance hall days

Dancing was an integral part of growing up in Victoria in the early-mid 1900s. Revisit the music, costume and venues of a bygone era.

Box of hand tools with supporting pictures used in outreach programs

In the shed

The shed is an integral part of Australian life. Relive times spent tinkering in the shed from the 1930s to the 1960s.

Various objects and props relating to Italian culture used in outreach programs

Mi viene in mente quando

An Italian reminiscing kit designed to assist older Italians recall both their past life in Italy and migration to Australia.

Kitchen utensils and equipment used in outreach programs

Recipes for remembering

This kit is designed to stimulate memories of the home when bread was delivered by horse and cart and ice delivered for the ice chest...

Various objects and props from Rock ‘n’ roll reminiscing kit used in outreach program

Rock ‘n’ roll

Rock 'n' roll began taking the airwaves and Australia by storm in the 1950s. This kit offers a snapshot into an era that witnessed the birth of the 'teenager' and the music, clothes, icons and fads that became popular with this new generation.

Various objects and props relating to sea voyage used in outreach programs

Port to port

Reminisce on your experiences migrating to Australia by ship with photos, games and stories.

Various objects and props used in outreach programs

Stitches through time

Memories of boiling the copper on wash day, wearing starched collars and hand-me-downs will stimulate plenty of discussion.

Various objects and props from Track and field reminiscing kit used in outreach program

Track and field

Did you ever win a gold medal or go hoarse supporting your favourite sports team? This kit contains sporting objects and memorabilia popular since the mid-20th century.

Maps, booklets and brochures relating to transport and travel used in outreach programs

Transport and travel

Remember the sounds of horses' hooves, cable cars or car horns? Reminisce about forms of transport and travel in the 1920s-50s.

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