Online Melbourne Museum program

Take a trip down memory lane and engage in stories of Melbourne’s history through Museums Victoria’s incredible collection objects.

In an online program, museum staff will deliver an interactive 45 – 60 minute live virtual presentation that engages aged care audiences using key items from the Museums Victoria collection. Each program includes a topic that has been carefully chosen to provide opportunity for reminiscing to help trigger memories and stimulate conversation.

Armchair travelling is a way of transporting the audience to the museum without leaving your home, and the program has been designed to be delivered as a live online session in conjunction with a suite of interactive activities. The activities and creative programming allow the museum and lifestyle staff members to work in partnership to generate a rich interactive experience for the residents. The Museum will provide access to resources and will provide guidance about how to use them.


Phar Lap

Virtual Program deliver via Zoom

A chestnut horse in a glass case
Phar Lap

Travel via armchair on a journey to the Melbourne Museum to see Phar Lap.

Phar Lap is Australia’s most famous racehorse and has been on display at the Museum for nearly 90 years.

We use items from the Museums Victoria collection to tell the story of Phar Lap including his career to his importance in the Museum’s collection. Residents will be encouraged to participate in activities and share their memories if they feel comfortable.


$55 per 30 residents + $35 booking fee


The Armchair Travel to the Museum program is available by request, subject to availability.

Minimum requirements to join

  • Access to a laptop or device that has internet and can be connected to a large TV or projector and speaker. This is essential to ensure the residents can see and hear the program as best as possible. Please note: zoom is the museums preferred platform, but other platforms may be possible upon request.
  • Staff members that are able to facilitate activities during the program e.g. asking specific questions or inviting residents to participate. The lifestyle staff member will also need to help relay information back to the museum facilitator by talking into the laptop or phone microphone.
  • Ability to print resources to compliment the live session. Electronic resources will be provided by the museum.

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