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A red crystal

Discover Magazine: Winter 2022

Featuring interviews with Museums Victoria's scientists, researchers and curators.

Detail of a dinosaur eye

Discover Magazine: Autumn 2022

Featuring interviews with Museums Victoria's scientists, researchers and curators.

Woman lifting tissues samples from a refrigeration barrel

Discover Magazine: Summer 2021/22

Featuring interviews with Museums Victoria's scientists, researchers and curators.

Discover Magazine: Spring 2021

It’s the changing of the seasons and this edition of Discover will be brought to you digitally.


If museums help us make sense of the world, ink is a tool that facilitates this process.

Discover Magazine: Winter 2021

Our team of scientists, researchers and curators share highlights of their latest discoveries and activities.

Discover Magazine Autumn 2021: Evolve

We explore evolution, looking at the modern-day descendants of dinosaurs and the different ways that technology has evolved over many decades.

Alarm Clock - Western Clock Co, USA, 'Westclox Sleep Meter'


We all sleep, and we do it quite a lot. Yet we don't often pay much attention to it. Sometimes we even try to avoid it (right, parents of young children?). Yet while our bodies are switched off, our minds switch on.

Summer reads

It’s summer books season! Reorganise your bookshelf, try birdwatching and read our interview with Hayley Webster, manager of Museums Victoria's Library.

Becoming You: An Incomplete Guide

Our latest exhibition at Immigration Museum explores the surprising and real-life coming of age stories of well-known and everyday Australians.

Respirator - Small Box, Australian Imperial Force, Lieutenant Henry Allibon, World War I, 1917


Join the Society and Technology team behind the scenes in the biggest and spookiest museum collection store on All Hallow's Eve.

Royal Exhibition Building

140 years ago Melbourne was gifted it’s grandest landmark, the iconic and beautiful Royal Exhibition Building.

Early learners

Learn how to help out the bees in your neighbourhood and register for our free Dinosaurs webinar for early learners!


Meet a 1980's robot from the Collection!

Inland taipan, <i>Oxyuranus microlepidotus</i>


Poisonous or venomous – what is the difference? Most venomous animals are not harmful to humans. Treat them with respect and you will learn just how special they are.

Phar Lap racing with a jockey Jim Pike high in the saddle. The saddle cloth is marked with the number '6'.

Phar Lap

By 1931, Phar Lap won virtually every major Australian race, many of them twice. In this episode of Just for Members, we learn more about this national legend.

Conservator, wearing blue gloves, handling Jenny Bannister's blue plastic 'Je Suis Mod' dress, holding a vinyl record decoration.

Live from the collections

Whilst our doors are temporarily closed again, explore our Society & Technology collections from the comfort of your sofa.

Jewel Beetle, Buprestidae. Grampians National Park, Victoria.


For what they lack in size, bugs make up in numbers: there are over 150 million insects for every human on Earth. Explore the world of bugs with us!

Mounted print of a coloured engraving of the Great Melbourne Telescope, from The Illustrated London News, 14 November 1868. The image is based on a photograph of the telescope temporarily erected in Thomas Grubb's workshop yard in Dublin in 1868. The engraving has tranposed the telescope to an imagined rural landscape.


Get away from the city lights, look up to the stars, and you might just be able to spot something in the sky!

Pteranodon models being constructed by museum preparators.


When & why did dinosaurs start having feathers? How long could a dinosaur bone or tooth last without turning into a fossil?


This week we are exploring all things science. So Members, are you ready to do some science in your PJs?

A series of possum pelts, skin side up, stitched together.

First Peoples

Learn about the living culture of Koorie Victoria and the art of possum cloak making and design your very own cloak!

Karl Muffler, 1920s.

Cooking with the collections

Bake a cake from the 1940s and learn about the ways First Peoples have been cooking for tens of thousands of years.

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