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Respirator - Small Box, Australian Imperial Force, Lieutenant Henry Allibon, World War I, 1917


Join the Society and Technology team behind the scenes in the biggest and spookiest museum collection store on All Hallow's Eve.

Royal Exhibition Building

140 years ago Melbourne was gifted it’s grandest landmark, the iconic and beautiful Royal Exhibition Building.

Early learners

Learn how to help out the bees in your neighbourhood and register for our free Dinosaurs webinar for early learners!


Meet a 1980's robot from the Collection and register for one of our upcoming Zoom workshops where we show you how to program a motorised hand!

Phar Lap

By 1931, Phar Lap won virtually every major Australian race, many of them twice. In this episode of Just for Members, we learn more about this national legend.


Poisonous or venomous – what is the difference? Most venomous animals are not harmful to humans. Treat them with respect and you will learn just how special they are.

Live from the collections

Whilst our doors are temporarily closed again, explore our Society & Technology collections from the comfort of your sofa.


For what they lack in size, bugs make up in numbers: there are over 150 million insects for every human on Earth. Explore the world of bugs with us!


Get away from the city lights, look up to the stars, and you might just be able to spot something in the sky!


Making changes can be hard. But with a little determination and some facts in your pocket, change can happen. Let's do it together!


When & why did dinosaurs start having feathers? How long could a dinosaur bone or tooth last without turning into a fossil?


This week we are exploring all things science. So Members, are you ready to do some science in your PJs?

First Peoples

Learn about the living culture of Koorie Victoria and the art of possum cloak making and design your very own cloak!

Cooking with the collections

Bake a cake from the 1940s and learn about the ways First Peoples have been cooking for tens of thousands of years.

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