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Join us on a 10 week learning journey over Term 2 where we explore our most popular Museum themes and content connecting to Science, Humanities and STEM. There are a range of activities for Kinder, Primary School and High School students. 

During the last weeks of term we will be sharing a special multi week resource called Museum of Staying Home

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Suitable for Year Levels Kinder–Grade 4


  • Week 9–11 Museum of Staying Home: Suitable for Year Levels 3–10

Museum of Staying Home

Museum of Staying Home invites teachers and students in Victoria to document their staying-at-home experience by creating their own simple ‘exhibits’ at home. With guidance and resources from museum staff, participants will gain insights into behind-the-scenes museum practice and what goes into making an exhibition. They will learn how to create their own exhibits based on their own personal experience, write a text label and use objects in creative ways.

This project provides students with the opportunity to create contemporary primary historical sources, such as letter, diaries and images. Students can start creating these now and be ready to go with our Museum of Staying Home project later this term. These exhibits will form a living and co-created record of lock-down life in Victoria. 

Keep a Diary

If you are interested in engaging with the Museum of Staying Home activities in the last weeks of term, we highly recommend you get students involved now in thinking about this concept. If they are not already doing so we suggest they keep a diary over the next few weeks documenting their life in lock-down. Teachers can do it as well to model writing for their students!

Write an entry each day of the week. Make sure you include lots of detail.

  • What are you doing?
  • What are you eating?
  • Who are you talking to?
  • What objects are you using?
  • What are you watching?
  • Who are you talking to and how?
  • How are you feeling?

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