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Image of a male ballet dancer (Li Cunxin)

Mao's Last Dancer the Exhibition

Discover the incredible journey from poverty to world-famous artist. Features rare interviews, footage and personal artefacts in this intimate portrait.

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Barangaroo Ngangamay

Celebrating the strength, diversity and creativity of the Aboriginal women who come together for ceremony, healing and remembering.

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Mahātmā Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi.

Mahatma Gandhi: An Immigrant

Explore the inspirational story of Mahatma Gandhi.

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Girl Dancing

Dream Dancer

Join us for family-fun craft, storytelling and dance workshops inspired by the story of Mao's Last Dancer, Li Cunxin.

Ballerina dancing

School holiday activities

Join us these winter school holidays for family fun activities and workshops inspired by the incredible journey of Mao's Last Dancer, Li Cunxin.

Artistic associates Genevieve Grieves and Amanda Jane Reynolds.

Barangaroo Ngangamay: film and talk

Join the Koorie women from Barangaroo Ngangamay to share behind-the-scenes stories of making the film, art and coming together for ceremony.

Mother and child embracing

Barangaroo Ngangamay: kid's dance workshop

Come and learn some of the dances we shared at the ceremony honouring the Old Lady Baragaroo.

Chinese square dancers on the Melbourne Museum plaza

Chinese Square Dancing

Join us each Thursday of the school holidays for free participatory lunchtime Chinese Square Dancing performances.


The Unending Absence

An audio series imagines the world of migration from an alternative point of view.

visitors viewing the Identity exhibition

Identity: yours, mine, ours

An exhibition about identity – who we are and who others think we are.

One of the exhibition spaces at Immigration Museum

Leaving Home

What would it take to make you leave your homeland and travel thousands of miles to another country?

Visitors speaking with a CSO officer

Highlights Tour

Take a journey through Immigration Museum and uncover stories of migration to Australia.

Visitors in a museum

Discovery Centre

A place to relax, talk to helpful staff, and research family and migration history.

Exhibition display

Immigrant Stories and Timeline

Immigration is about us all - those who were here and those who came.

Tribute Garden

Tribute Garden

The Tribute Garden is a public artwork that pays tribute to 7000 people who have made the journey to Victoria.

One of the exhibition spaces in the Immigration Museum

Getting In

More than 9 million people have migrated to Australia since 1788. Countless others have tried and failed.

Exhibition showcase

Customs Gallery

The story of Customs House, where officials controlled what – and who – could enter Victoria.