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Wombat Hole

Wombat Hole

wombat burrow
Wombat burrow, no sign of recent use
Photographer - John Broomfield
Source - Museum Victoria

Wombats commonly dig holes under the exposed roots of fallen trees or in steep banks where the soil is friable... but the hole may not be developed into a fully fledged burrow- it may be a 'test' dig, or a temporary shelter only.

Any fresh soil around the entrance and fresh wombat droppings nearby indicate its recent use by a wombat.

Spiderwebs over the entrance and leaves covering compacted excavated soil around the entrance indicate it may have been some time since it was visited by a wombat, although there may be other occupants.

Unused wombat burrows may also be used for shelter by foxes, antechinus, dogs, snakes or even a wallaby in danger.

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