Image of a full Moon rising over trees.

Secrets of the Sky

Special edition featuring the full Moon and the Spring Equinox

Online SHOW
General information
Families with children 7+
Zoom connection
Household $15
MV Members household $10

Join us on an adventure through the night sky!

Go beyond Earth’s atmosphere and journey to the stars to discover the secrets of the sky. Have you ever wondered how you can identify a star from a planet or why we always see the same side of the Moon from Earth?

During this presenter-led show we’ll take you on a tour of our night sky. You’ll gain insight into our place in space and learn how to spot constellations.

This special edition will focus on the most spectacular sight in our night sky – the Moon. You’ll learn about its phases, how the Moon is viewed differently around the world and what it takes to visit the Moon. After the show you can step outside and view the gorgeous sight of September’s full Moon.

We’ll also look at the Spring Equinox and why it's a special time of year for astronomers.


How many tickets do I need?

One per household. You will be sent an individual Zoom link and everyone in your household that will fit around the screen can enjoy. If you have friends of family living elsewhere they will need a separate ticket.

When and how can I access the Zoom link?

You will be sent a clickable Zoom link when you book as well as instructions on how to use Zoom. We’ll also email you the link again the day before the show.

What age range is this best for?

We recommend ages 7 and up but younger kids may still enjoy watching.

Will the show be interactive?

You will have an opportunity to take part in polls during the show and ask our Presenter questions at the end of the show. Please note that the presenter might not have time for all questions depending on the number of questions and show timing.

Will there be a film or will a presenter be talking to the audience for the full duration?

Unlike most of our onsite shows at the Melbourne Planetarium, this will be an entirely Presenter-led show.

Will I need to go outside to view the sky during the show?

No, everything will happen via your screen. We do hope you will be inspired to go stargazing outside with your newfound knowledge though!
There will be a full Moon the night of the show (Monday 20 September), so it’s an especially good time to go and check out the night sky.


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