Science Variety Show

Online SHOW
General information
Price is per household / Zoom connection
Member $10
Non member $15

We’ll show you a sweet selection of activities, all about how we perceive the world.

We might STILL be in lockdown, but we can play with some cool science at home. Join us as we make things disappear and reappear, trick your brain into seeing things that aren't there, and maybe even change your perspective on science.​

So that you can participate in the fun, we've prepared some activities you can do with us during the show.

Just bring:

  • a pen or texta
  • paper
  • drinking glass - must be round and smooth
  • bottle of water

This online presentation will take place using Zoom Webinar.  You will receive a link to join the webinar when booking. The link will be sent to you again the day before the event as a reminder.


The Scienceworks team are a ragtag bunch of loveable science enthusiasts. With diverse science knowledge, plenty of technology smarts, engineering know-how that could lift a whale, and a deep love of maths, they cover all the STEMs and much much more. They have a multitude of superpowers including bad awesome science puns, infectious enthusiasm and insatiable curiosity.


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