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The Melbourne Planetarium reawakens after hours for adults only with a stellar line-up of fulldome film screenings.

There are two screenings a night, join us for one or both. 

The 7:30pm session focuses on astronomy and may feature What’s in the Sky Tonight (WITST), a presenter-led tour through the night sky. The 9pm session features a fulldome art film offering an immersive voyage into unseen worlds. So, whether you are into science or art, or both, we've got you covered.

Enjoy a drink from the bar in planetary surroundings.

Planetarium Nights is for adults 18 years and over. 

Please note: Planetarium Nights are not running on 9 Feb due to maintenance. 

February Program

  • In the beginning of the 17th century, the invention of the telescope by Galileo revolutionised our knowledge of the Universe. In the 20th century with the advent of rockets, it became possible to go above the earth’s atmosphere and observe X-ray and gamma ray radiation which are the marks of the hot and violent Universe. Neutrinos and cosmic rays also provide vital information. Finally, the detection by the LIGO experiment of gravitational waves from two merging black holes opened a new window in astrophysics. This film presents images of the cosmos as revealed by all these different messengers.

    Plus What’s in the Sky Tonight (WITST), a presenter-led tour through the night sky.

  • What is “reality”? Is it just the interaction of time, space, particles and forces? A hallucination created by billions of neurons in our body? A mathematical machine? Are there other realities, universes or dimensions?

    “Dimensions” is entertainment made and inspired by science and discovery. A rollercoaster ride of visuals and music that takes audiences on a fascinating journey. The show explores the concept of an educational arts and music show, transporting audiences to awe inspiring worlds where they find the time and space to think and feel about the big questions of our time.

    What sticks is a strong feeling that there may be unexplored realms and worlds in us, and around us, which influence us even more strongly then what we already know and understand.

March Program

  • From the journey of protons racing through the world’s largest particle collider in Europe to up-close views of the Big Bang and emergent cosmos, Phantom of the Universe is a fulldome planetarium show designed to immerse audiences in the search for dark matter. A collaboration of Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, University of Texas at Arlington, Michigan State University, IFIC at University of Valencia, as well as other institutions. It is narrated by Oscar-winning actress Tilda Swinton.

  • Pink Floyd’s iconic album ‘The Dark Side Of The Moon’, originally released in March 1973, turns

    50, and what more fitting a place to celebrate it and experience it than in a Planetarium, through the music set to visuals. With the help of modern technology, the idea of a show combining breath-taking views of the solar system and beyond, played out to 42 minutes of The Dark Side Of The Moon in surround sound, has been embraced by the band. NSC Creative have led the visual production efforts, working closely with Pink Floyd’s long time creative collaborator Aubrey Powell from Hipgnosis.

    Each song has a different theme; some futuristically looking forward and some a retro acknowledgement to Pink Floyd’s visual history, all relating to a time and space experience, embracing up to the minute technology that only a Planetarium can offer. A truly immersive and all-encompassing surround sound and visual treat that will transcend reality and take you way beyond the realms of 2D experience.


We can assist with any access requirements you may have for this program, please contact our team on 13 11 02 or email us at [email protected] to discuss how we can support your Museum visit.


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