Two sets of feet walk along a grass path


Included with museum entry
$0 – $15

…you get lost in a maze but find yourself in a labyrinth…

We’ve created a giant labyrinth on the Scienceworks Arena where you can stroll the twisting paths.

When you enter the labyrinth, try focusing on the rhythm of your walking and practice being ‘present’ in the moment by noticing what’s around you and inside your mind:

  • Notice what you can see, hear, feel, or smell
  • Notice how your body feels
  • Notice what journey your mind is taking

A labyrinth twists and turns, but there is only one path to follow. Walking the path is a focused and peaceful activity. It can help people who are stressed or upset to feel better.

In medieval Europe labyrinths on church floors were used for spiritual meditations. Today people have rediscovered and researched the benefits of walking labyrinths as a mindfulness activity in hospitals, schools and parks.


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