Explore AI

Exclusive to Museum Members in Term 2

General information
Ages 8–10
Member $28
Non–member (Term 3) $35

In this hands-on workshop you will train an artificial intelligence system and see how this technology is used in the world today.

Technology is moving faster than ever before. Computers are getting smaller and smarter, and we’re now used to having Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant answer our every question.

But can computers really think? How do machines learn? What actually is artificial intelligence?

In this workshop, children and their parents/carers will investigate the differences between machine learning and traditional programming through activities and experiments. You’ll explore the strengths and limitations of artificial intelligence. Not only will you see machine learning in action, but you’ll even start to train your own AI bot.

This is a great beginner's workshop and will leave you with plenty of things to explore after the workshop too!

This workshop is recommended for children aged 8–10 years working with their parent/carer.

In Term 2 this workshop is available exclusively to Museum Members. This workshop will be available to non-members in Term 3.


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