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Collection Store tours



Starts at Information Desk
2 Booker Street
Spotswood, Victoria, 3015
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Join an experienced guide on a behind the scenes tour of the Scienceworks Collection Store. You will see some rare and unique objects collected by Museum Victoria over the last 150 years.

The museum's collection comprises some 17 million objects, far more than we can display. Over 40,000 of them are stored at Scienceworks.

This tour walks you through our collection store, where historical treasures are stacked on shelves that reach to the roof. You'll see cars, motorcycles, equipment from TV history, miniature windmills, cannons and more. Some you've never seen before, others perhaps not for many decades!

Specially-trained staff and volunteers guide you through the store and tell you stories of rare and unique collection objects. We've placed the best stuff on the end of the rows so you can get a good view. You'll also learn about how we preserve the collection for the generations to come.

Meet your guide near the Information Desk. Tours run for 30 minutes, numbers are limited.

Sorry, no photography allowed.