Melbourne Planetarium

A hubble space telescope image of spiral galaxy M83

The Melbourne Planetarium at Scienceworks features a 16m domed ceiling, reclining seats, a 7.1 surround sound system and a full-dome video projection system. The result is spectacular colour and movement like never before, creating a unique immersive environment and awe-inspiring astronomical experience.

Melbourne Planetarium shows are informative and entertaining for a wide range of audiences. Each show runs for 30–45 minutes and includes a live presentation of the current night sky and the major astronomical objects that can be seen. The information presented in these sessions allows anyone to go into their backyard at night and experience the joy of astronomy.

A artful impression that squeezes the planets together with their approximate relative sizes (above), and an indication of their orbits although not to true scale (below).

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From the Big Bang to Black Holes, we've created some resources to guide you on your astronomical journey.


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