Fact sheets

From the Big Bang to Black Holes, we've created some resources to guide you on your astronomical journey.

An overall shape with patches of blue, read and pink colour

Big Bang

According to this theory, the entire Universe and time began as a point of energy called a ‘singularity’ about 13.8 billion years ago.

An artist's drawing a black hole

Black Holes

Why is a black hole 'black'? The answers to some favourite questions about Black Holes.

Illustration of the night sky

First Peoples of Australia Astronomy

There is no single ‘Australian Aboriginal Astronomy’. As with all other areas of Indigenous Australian culture, astronomical traditions vary largely across the country, especially between different language groups.

The historic 19th century Great Melbourne Telescope in its original location.

How do telescopes work?

There are three main types of optical telescopes and these differ in the way that they collect light to form an image.

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