Lightning Room

Highlighting each show is the giant Tesla Coil, capable of generating more than two million volts of electricity to produce three metre lightning bolts.

Other displays include an electromagnetic can crusher, a Jacob’s ladder, lightning safety strategies and a high voltage pickle cucumber that can really light up your day!

Public show

Scienceworks Lightning Room demonstration with young audience.

Lightning FAQs

How is lightning formed? What about thunder? The answers to some favourite questions about Lightning.

School programs

Lightning demonstration in a theatre

Electricity, magnets and movement

Explore the relationships between electricity, magnets and movement and how they are applied in devices such as generators, electromagnets and electric motors.

Lighting room in Scienceworks

Senior secondary electrical science

Demonstrations of the principles underpinning Year 11 VCAL Electrical, VCE VET Electrical Industry and the VCE Unit 1 Electricity topic, featuring equipment unique to Scienceworks.


Safety information

Due to the awesome sparks and loud noises that our high voltage demonstrations produce the Lightning Room is not recommended for young children or infants. we recommend this experience for ages five and up.

The Lightning Room is suitable for people who have medical devices including metal implants, pacemakers, cochlear implants and hearing aids however guests with electronic medical devices should keep a separation of 1.8 metres from the Van De Graaff generator. To ensure utmost safety is upheld please follow the instructions of our friendly Scienceworks staff at all times.


The High Voltage equipment was kindly donated by Telstra, following the closure of its Lightning Lab at the Telstra Research Laboratories.

The Lightning Room was funded by Victoria University and Museums Victoria with the generous support of Telstra, AGL, Agility, SP AusNet, Olex Cables, Ed Bondarenko & Associates and the Department of Innovation Industry & Regional Development.

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