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a hand drawn map of Melbourne city grid

How poo shapes a city (and other scatalogical stories)

What do Melbourne’s laneways, the Spotswood Pumping Station at Scienceworks, and termite mounds all have in common?

A painting of a large amphibian poking its head out of water that is covered in petal

Victoria's new state fossil emblem: Koolasuchus cleelandi

After 11,563 votes, the 125-million-year-old monster amphibian has been confirmed as Victoria’s fossil emblem.

a closeup of a cute mouse

Resurrected: native Australian mouse back from extinction

Once lost, now found. 


Letter from a Tasmanian Tiger

Ever wonder about the life of a museum specimen?

A bat flying low over water

Bats: the flying mammals in dire need of a PR manager

Separating fact from folklore 

a platypus perched on a log

The platypus: a unique and vulnerable Australian

What can we do to help the platypus?

a closeup of a small orange coloured spider with big eyes pointing of its legs

Nemo found: new species of dancing peacock spider named

Meet the newest dancing peacock spider, Maratus nemo.

3D imagery of an eye shaped caldera

A Lord of the Rings-like marine landscape revealed in Australia’s Christmas Island Territory

Take a dive into a Lord of the Rings-inspired seascape.

A large, smooth surfaced black rock.

Eleven incredible meteorites

The Murchison is just one of many strange and storied space rocks held by Museums Victoria. Here are 10 others—as well as one which disappeared.

A fearsome, two-legged dinosaur with strong, grasping arms.

Who wielded the Otway Claw?

Meet Victoria’s top Cretaceous predator—a dinosaur that would have eaten Velociraptor for breakfast.

Strap-snouted Brown Snake, Pseudonaja aspidorhyncha.

Eight myths about snakes

Some common misconceptions, and what you can do to keep snakes out of your yard.

H.L. White egg collection, tray of Magpie eggs.

The colour of birds' eggs

The aesthetic qualities of a bird egg can tell you a lot about the species that laid it.

Southern Blue-ringed Octopus

Blue-ringed Octopus

Small but deadly, this animal runs rings around the competition.

Wombat poo

The science of poo

Poo is truly fascinating stuff.

pink diamond

How do diamonds get their colours?

And what's so special about the pink ones?

Finished reconstruction of extinct Australian megafauna, Palorchestes.

Australia's megafauna

Australia’s megafauna were unique, and included giant marsupials, huge flightless birds and giant reptiles.


Do centipedes really have 100 legs?

Counting the feet on these ancient invertebrates.

The RRS James Clark Ross

The Larsen-C Benthos expedition

What lurks beneath the Antarctic ice? Museums Victoria's Mel Mackenzie is one of the lucky scientists on a voyage south to find out.


Planet or dwarf planet?

A group of astronomers are trying to reclassify Pluto as full 'planet'.



Our monthly newsletter on where to find the brightest planets in Melbourne.

Lightning strike behind trees

Catching Lightning

A fulgurite that took microseconds to form, a moment to break and over 50 years to reassemble.

an amalgamation of different types of colourful plastic

Our addiction to plastic

Lifting the lid on plastic: the good, the bad and the ugly.


The doyenne of dinosaur discovery

Melissa Lowery has a rare talent for finding dinosaurs.

an underwater photo of a diver swimming alongside a fish

Jan Watson: diving into the unknown

One of Australia’s first scientific divers, Dr Jan Watson used her tenacity, skill, and passion to realise her underwater ambitions.

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