Design a Martian mover


Years 3-6
Terms 3-4Monday–Friday
Minimum 15 students
Maximum 30 students

Science, Technology

School programs and resources

Students take part in a secret mission, gaining knowledge and skills with the aim of designing a vehicle back at school that could move over Martian terrain.

During the workshop, students explore the Think Ahead exhibition, themed around innovation, creativity and problem solving. They record visual and audio information using the app Book Creator on iPad. The students then challenge their own creative and critical thinking skills, designing a vehicle prototype with a specific purpose using an assortment of materials. Students use inspiration collected from the exhibition and the hands-on challenge to design their "Martian Mover" back at school.

Information collected by the students is sent to the classroom teacher for sharing and further research.

Curriculum links

  • Years 38 Science as a Human Endeavour 
  • Years 38 Critical and Creative Thinking 
  • Years 38 Technologies - Design and Technology
  • Years 56 Earth and Space Sciences – Solar System