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Phoenix Foundry Locos

The Phoenix Foundry Company Ltd of Ballarat was the first Victorian firm to benefit from a change of Government policy in the early 1870s to stimulate Victorian manufacturing through preferential tendering for locomotive and rollingstock contracts. After gaining a contract to build ten 0-6-0 type Q-class goods locomotives for the new 'light lines', their first engine was delivered to the Victorian Railways on 27 February 1873.

A steady stream of orders followed over subsequent decades with the company producing a total of 352 steam locomotives for the Victorian Railways from 1873-1904, built to a staggering 38 different designs. At its peak during the late 1880s, the Phoenix Foundry employed over 300 workers and was turning out new engines at the rate of one a week.

 St Arnaud steam locomotiveview larger image The St Arnaud to Ballarat train, about 1875.

 Men on steam engineview larger image An early steam locomotive fitted with a smoke deflector, Victoria, about 1870.

 Railway engineview larger image Locomotive crew with steam locomotive, Korong Vale, circa 1900.

 Steam engineview larger image Steam locomotive with number 34 handwritten on coal bunker, circa 1910.

 Steam engineview larger image Steam locomotive, circa 1920.

 Steam engine with passenger carriageview larger image Steam locomotive hauling coal truck.

 Steam engineview larger image Driver leaning from Y-class steam locomotive No.397.

 Steam engine with goods truckview larger image A-class steam locomotive No.122 hauling goods truck.

O-class steam locomotive, East Gippslandview larger image O-class steam locomotive.

Y-class steam locomotiveview larger image Y-class steam locomotive.

S-class steam locomotiveview larger image S-class steam locomotive No.205.

R-class steam locomotive and workersview larger image R-class steam locomotive No.189.

R-class steam locomotive, about 1920view larger image R-class steam locomotive, circa 1920.

E-class Phoenix steam locomotive, 1889view larger image E-class steam locomotive, Phoenix, number 250, circa 1889.

Phoenix engine, Victorian Railways, 1879-80view larger image Victorian Railways original Phoenix No. 58, 1879-80.

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