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L Class Electric Locos

With the decision to electrify the Gippsland railway between Dandenong and Taralgon in the 1950s, 25 mainline electric locomotives for both goods and passenger operation were ordered from the English Electric Company. With a power rating of 1,790 kW delivered by six large traction motors to 12 driving wheels, the locomotives were capable of hauling a load of 1,100 tonnes at 82 km/hour on the level, or 48 km/hour up a 1-in-110 grade. Classified as the L-class, the first was delivered by ship from England in January 1953 and entered service after testing and official trials the following April.

 Steam craneview larger image Steam crane at North Wharf unloading L-class locomotives, West Melbourne, circa 1952.

Drawing of an L-class electric locomotiveview larger image Drawing of L-class electric locomotive.

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