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H Class Loco 'Heavy Harry'

The 4-8-4 type H-class locomotive, later affectionately known as 'Heavy Harry', was built by the Newport Workshops entering service in 1941. Although originally intended to haul the heavy Melbourne to Adelaide passenger express, 'Heavy Harry' spent its entire 17-year operating life relegated to working the North-East line to Wodonga after planned upgrades to bridges and tracks on the western line, to carry its colossal 260 ton weight, were never implemented. Its tractive effort of 55,000 lbs (245 kN), it was placed head and shoulders above all other Victorian steam locomotives in pulling power.

Launch of a H-class steam locomotiveview larger image Launching H-class steam locomotives.

H-class locomotive hauling freightview larger image H-class locomotive No. 220 hauling freight train.

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