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First passenger engine on Victorian Railways
  • Victorian Railway's first passenger engine of 1857 later in working life, about late 1890s.
  • Description: Victorian Railway's first passenger engine later in working life, circa late 1890s. Built by Geo England & Co., London as a 2-2-2 type locomotive in 1857. It was rebuilt as a 2-4-0 type in 1871. Sold to Katamatite Tramway in 1890. Returned to Victorian Railways, 1893 and renumbered 528. Sold 1904. Photo shows locomotive hauling a mixed passenger & goods train crossing a temporary timber bridge with make-up 'pigsty' piers made out of piles of sleepers.
  • Date: 1893
  • Collection: PTC Collection
  • Collection Number:VPRS 12800/P1 Unit 256
  • Medium: Film negative
  • Source: Public Record Office Victoria
  • Record No.: H4421

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