Triceratops TV

Go behind the scenes with Museums Victoria’s palaeontology team and learn all about the Triceratops’ 67-million-year journey.

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Triceratops TV

Follow the 67-million-year journey of Melbourne Museum's Triceratops.

Episode 1

Meet the Triceratops

Museums Victoria palaeontologist Erich Fitzgerald travels to Canada to inspect a very special acquisition.

Episode 2

67 million years in the making

Vertebrate palaeontologist Tim Ziegler looks at the origins of the Triceratops fossil.

Episode 3

Anatomy of an icon

Why did Triceratops go extinct? What made it vulnerable?

Episode 4

Piecing the puzzle together

How do scientists know where each bone fragment goes?
Episode 5

Chipping away at the past

Experts uncover the Triceratops from the sedimentary rock it has been encased in for millennia.

Episode 6

Triceratops: How did it move?

What can we learn about how a dinosaur looked or moved from examining its skeleton?

Episode 7

Love at first sight

Our palaeontologists recall their earliest dinosaur encounters.

Episode 8

What's in a name?

How do scientists classify something that vanished from the earth millions of years ago?

Episode 9

From the Cretaceous to Carlton

Palaeontologist Tim Ziegler discusses how the Triceratops was transported halfway across the world.


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