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We're starting the year with new perspectives on the world, drawing on our own collections and expertise and the work of our partner researchers and communities.

We explore the unique natural and cultural heritage of Victoria and share perspectives from people who are reshaping our understandings of this complex place we call home.

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A painting of a large amphibian poking its head out of water that is covered in petal
A painting of a large amphibian poking its head out of water that is covered in petal
13 April 2022

Fresh Approaches to Deep Time

Victoria, get to know your State Fossil Emblem! Koolasuchus cleelandi is a 125-million-year-old monster amphibian, whose name literally means 'cool crocodile'.

a large green-coloured engine with four wheels, in front of a big old brick building
16 March 2022

Fresh Approaches to Big Old Things

Explore big objects in the museum's science and technology collection, in celebration of Scienceworks' 30th birthday.

Deep sea creatures
22 Sept 2021

Treasures Of Deep Sea Science

Take a dive into the deep sea around Christmas Island with marine biologists Dr Tim O'Hara and Melanie Mackenzie. 

Joanna Sumner holding a lizard
21 Aug 2021

Fieldwork Treasures

Museums Victoria Curators share their fascinating work in the field revealing the extraordinary value of research and collections in museums.

17 Jul 2021

Favourite Treasures

Curators’ stories of extraordinary objects. Get a deeper insight into these extraordinary items and what they tell us about our amazing living world.

Black and white image of a group of women and girls
19 Jun 2021

Stories of women from the collections

Museums Victoria Research Associates share the stories of women and girls they have found in collections dating back over 180 years.

Bird singing
19 May 2021

Fire | Present

Three conservation-focused scientists will talk about their work in the time after fires, and show how it can contribute to conservation and management.

Small grass fire
28 Apr 2021

Fire | Future

How could Indigenous bush-burning methods improve our response to climate change?

Forest of blackened, burned trees
17 Mar 2021

Fire | Past

We bring together curators of the Museums Victoria Bushfire Collection and a key community they worked with in the days following Black Saturday.

Child reading a sign in a playground
18 Nov 2020

Adapting the Curve: Panicking, pivoting and adapting

The economic impact of lockdown in Victoria.

Crochet with  'HUG'
21 Oct 2020

Living the Curve: Communities surviving together

How the declaration of the State of Emergency had an almost instantaneous effect on the lives of Victorians.

Microscopic image of a virus
16 Sep 2020

Flattening the Curve: The cutting edge

How we are documenting the Victorian science, public health and communication response to COVID-19 that combine to 'flatten the curve'.

26 Aug 2020

Why Models Work – The Makers Edition

Museums Victoria has been making models ‘in-house’ since 1854. Hear how and why in this the last lecture focusing on Mini Mega Model Museum.

Conservators Sarah Babister and Penny Byrne preparing the Roman Colosseum model made of cork by Richard Du Bourg (or Dubourg), London, circa 1800, before it goes on display in Melbourne Museum.
5 Aug 2020

Why Models Work – The History Edition

Museums Victoria Curators present models from the History Collection.

Iguandodon model
15 Jul 2020

Why Models Work – The Dinosaur Edition

Senior Curator Thomas Rich presents two centuries of changing ideas about the dinosaur Iguanodon.

17 Jun 2020

Why Models Work - The Technology Edition

Hear from the people who research, care for and activate the museums technology models on display in Mini Mega Model Museum.

Delicate pink glass structure
20 May 2020

Why Models Work - Animal, Mineral, Vegetable Edition

Explore the origins of intriguing science-based models in the Mega Mini Model Museum exhibition.

Miniature Gunditjmara Basket by artist Eva Ponting.
29 Apr 2020

Why Models Work – The First Peoples Edition

Presenting models from the Society and Technology and First Peoples collection that have big stories.

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