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Upcoming lectures

Why Models Work – The Makers Edition

Wednesday 26 August, 6–7pm | Free: Online

In celebration of our newest exhibition, Mini Mega Model Museum, we're 'Zoom'ing in on the fascinating world of models. Museums Victoria has been making models ‘in-house’ since 1854. Come and hear how and why in this the last lecture focusing on Mini Mega Model Museum.

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Collecting the Curve: The cutting edge of science

Wednesday 16 September, 6pm–7.15pm | Free: Online

This first instalment in our three-part Collecting the Curve lecture series reveals the tireless work of research and health professionals contributing to a greater understanding of COVID-19 biology, diagnosis techniques and potential treatments. It also captures the experience of frontline health workers in specialist services such as respiratory clinics, COVID wards, quarantine hotels and community health services.

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Collecting the Curve: Communities surviving together

Wednesday 21 October, 6pm–7.15pm | Free: Online

The declaration of the State of Emergency, and implementation of the ‘Stay at Home’ directive, had an almost instantaneous effect on the lives of Victorians. The collection documents communities in isolation, adjusting to working and schooling at home, discovering new ways to connect, create and celebrate whilst staying safe.

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Collecting the Curve: Making, playing and working again

Wednesday 18 November, 6pm–7.15pm | Free: Online

The economic impact of lockdown: from forced closures, supermarket shortages and widespread unemployment to agile manufacturing pivots, creative approaches to supply chains, and the jump-start to a digital revolution, Victorians at home, work and play have adapted their focus for this moment and for life beyond this pandemic.

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Past lectures

Why Models Work – The History Edition

Wednesday 5 August 2020 | Museums Victoria Curators present models from the History Collection; the massive handmade doll house ‘Pendle Hall’, the nineteenth century Colosseum model fashioned from cork and a poignant collection of Trench Art from WW1.

Why Models Work – The Dinosaur Edition

Wednesday 15 July 2020 | Join Senior Curator Thomas Rich presenting two centuries of changing ideas about the dinosaur Iguanodon; it’s an intriguing story of discovery and re-interpretation.

Why Models Work - The Technology Edition

Wednesday 17 June 2020 | Hear from the people who research, care for and activate the museums technology models on display in Mini Mega Model Museum.

Why Models Work - Animal, Mineral, Vegetable Edition

Wednesday 20 May 2020 | Delicate glass sea creatures, realistic gold nuggets and a colourful wire virus protein are just a few of the items on display in the Mega Mini Model Museum exhibition. In this lecture the origins of these intriguing science-based models will be explained.

Why Models Work – The First Peoples Edition

Wednesday 29 April 2020 | This First Peoples edition presents models from the Society and Technology and First Peoples collection that have big stories. From intricate hand-woven Gunditjmara baskets that are the size of a fingernail to a model of Captain Cook’s Cottage made of icing sugar, what big histories do these objects hold and what do they mean to First Peoples today?

Gut Feelings: Your Mind. Your Microbes - Lecture from Professor Felice Jacka

This presentation discussed new revelations about how our minds, guts and microbes are inextricably linked and expand on the theme of Museums Victoria's latest exhibition Gut Feelings. Discover how you can nourish your gut microbes and stay healthy from the inside out. Hear directly from Professor Felice Jacka about her cutting-edge research on diet, the gut and mental health.

Journey to Pluto: An evening with Alice Bowman, NASA New Horizons Mission Operations Manager

Monday 4 November 2019 | NASA’s New Horizons was the first spacecraft to explore Pluto. Launched in 2006 and flying by the dwarf planet and its moons in July 2015, the interplanetary space probe sent us not just data but gorgeous images of these beautiful and distant celestial objects.