Social stories for the Children's Gallery

The Autism friendly museum

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My adventure to the Children's Gallery

Two adults and two children walking in front of Melbourne Museum

I am going to visit the Children’s Gallery at Melbourne Museum.

Man and toddler

I will see, hear and do many different things during my visit.

Two adults and two children in Melbourne Museum foyer

I might have to wait with an adult to buy the tickets to go inside the museum.

Two adults and two children looking up at a plane hanging in the museum foyer

I will see lots of things hanging from the roof. They will not fall down.

Family walking past the blue whale skeleton

To get to the Children’s Gallery I will walk past the very big Pygmy Blue Whale skeleton.

Family entering in the Children's Gallery via the train tunnel

I will see a train at the entrance to the Children’s Gallery. I can go into the tunnel next to the train or walk around the outside of the train.

Toddler standing at doors holding the handle

There are indoor and outdoor areas in the Children’s Gallery.

Child play with a game on a screen

I can touch different things. They might light up or make a noise.

Toddler playing with building blocks

I can play with toys, games and shapes that I see and also read books. I will take turns with other people.

Toddler looking at animals on display

I will see and hear big and small animals.

Toddler dancing

I can move and dance in the special sound and light area with mirrors.

Toddler pulling on a rope

I can play with long ropes.

Brightly coloured climbing structure

I can climb in the big net. I will be safe and will not fall. There might be lots of other children in the net too.

Toddler taking his shoes off

I can take my shoes off to climb in the big net.

Child climbing on a frog sculpture

There are frog sculptures near a wet play area.

Man watching two children run through rock garden

I can explore the garden and see big rocks.

Toddler and a man playing in a sand pit

I can dig for dinosaur bones in a big sand pit.

Toddler holding a lever and watching bubbles

I can make bubbles by pushing a ball up and down.

Toddler washing his hands at a sink

There are hand dryers in the toilet. Some people use them after they wash their hands. I do not have to use them.

Toddler and customer service officer

If I get lost I can ask a museum staff member for help. Staff wear coloured straps around their necks.

Toddler playing on mats

Going to the Children’s Gallery at the museum will be fun.