Melbourne Museum Car Park Online Booking FAQ'S

What is an online booking?

Booking online allows you to pre-plan your parking, enjoy ticketless entry, and access great discounts at Melbourne museum carpark. To get started, visit and select entry & exit times. Follow the prompts to select a product and submit your booking.

How do online bookings work?

Booking online allows you to pay for your parking in advance and then use your credit card as your entry ticket to the car park to recognise your booking.

On the day of parking, drive in, tap or insert your credit card at the boom gate, to access the facility. Park in the first available, unreserved bay and then tap or insert your credit card again at the boom gate when you're ready to leave. Our systems will match up your booking and do the rest!

Do I need to bring my booking reference with me to the car park?

No, only bring the credit card that you nominated for the carpark entry

How do I know that my booking has been recognised?

When you arrive at the car park, tap or insert your credit card at the boom gate and look for a welcome message displaying your name and/or licence plate on the screen. This indicates that your booking has been successfully recognised and you are ready to park. If you do not see a welcome message with your details, this may indicate that your booking has not been received. Press the help button at the boom gate for assistance.

How do I cancel/amend my booking?

Bookings can be cancelled or amended up to 1 hour prior to the booking entry time for a full refund of the Online Parking Fee and Booking Fee. Cancellations cannot be made less than 1 hour prior to the booking entry time. If you make a booking, with less than 1 hours' notice, you will be unable to cancel the booking.

Step 1: Log into using your email address and password.
Step 2: Select ‘My bookings' from the top navigation bar.
Step 3: Select the booking that you want to amend / cancel

Can I enter the car park earlier or later than my confirmed booking time?

You may arrive up to one hour before your booked entry time. If you arrive any earlier than the time prior to one hour before your booked entry time, you may incur additional charges. You may enter the car park any time after your booked entry time, or exit the car park any time before your booked exit time, without incurring any additional fees. If you exit the car park before your booked exit time you will not be entitled to a refund or adjustment. If you exit the carpark after your booked exit time you will incur additional charges.

Can I enter with a different credit card to the one used at the time of booking?

To avoid accidental additional charges, you'll need to enter the car park with the same card you nominated at the time of your online booking. If you are unable to do so, collect a ticket on entry, then call help on exit so we can manage your booking to avoid additional changes.

What payment methods do you accept for online bookings?

You can make an online booking with your VISA, MasterCard, or American Express card. Melbourne museum Carpark does not charge credit card fees with your online booking. Diners Club cards are not accepted online.

Can I bring a different vehicle to the one I registered with my booking?

If you choose to drive a different car on the day, please update your booking with new registration details. Simply go to 'manage my booking' to update your booking up to 1-hour prior to your booked entry time.

What is the height restriction of your car parks?

Height restrictions of the carpark is: 2.15 m

What are the accessible parking options?

Accessible parking is available at the Melbourne Museum carpark. The accessible bays are located on Nicholson Street and Rathdowne Street sides of the P2 level. Once you arrive, simply proceed to any of the allocated bays within the carpark.

The carpark is full, what can I do?

We do our best to manage occupancy in the car park to accommodate our online booking customers. If demand in the carpark has increased significantly that the carpark becomes full, please press the intercom button at the entry, exit or automatic pay station and a member of our Customer Support team will direct you to another carpark close by.

Can I charge my electric vehicle at your carpark?

Yes. We have Two Delta Energy Systems AC EV chargers fitted with type 1 connectors and they are located on level P2 Nicholson Street. There is no additional cost to use the chargers.

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