Media folios

Assessment Criteria

Unit 3, Outcome 2: Media Production Development

Criterion 1

Research, documentation and evaluation of relevant aspects of a media form to inform the design of a media production.

Criterion 2

Experimentation and documentation of the use of relevant media equipment, technologies and processes to inform the design of a media production.

Unit 3, Outcome 3: Media Production Design

Criterion 3

Documentation of the specified intention, audience and narrative relevant to a proposed product in a selected media form.

The audience statement for the film Candle, describing the target demographic.
Beatrice Lane-Smailes, Media Film, Criteria 3

Criterion 4

Pre-production for a specified audience in a selected media form.

An annotated shot list for the film Good Guy, with a table listing the location, shot size and type, movement, subject and description for each shot number.
Mackenzie Bliss, Media Film, Criteria 4

Unit 4, Outcome 1: Media Production

Criterion 5

Management and co-ordination of production and post-production in a media product.

Criterion 6

Operation of equipment and the use of materials and processes appropriate to the product.

Criterion 7

Application of codes and conventions to engage audiences and communicate meaning.

Criterion 8

Use of reflection and feedback throughout production and post-production.

Criterion 9

Realisation of a media product.

Criterion 10

Realisation of the production design in the media product.

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