Systems Engineering folios

Assessment Criteria

Criteria 1

Investigation of a problem/situation/opportunity/need and develop a design brief for an integrated controlled system including evaluation criteria

Criteria 2

Researching, devising, designing and modelling design options

This folio pages shows a monthly timeline, tracking when each stage of the project will be completed. It highlights the duration of each project stage and submission dates.
Scott Keane, Systems Engineering, Criteria 2

Criteria 3

Planning the creation of the system

Criteria 4

Use of tools, equipment and machines to make the system

Criteria 5

Realisation of an integrated controlled system

This folio page describes some issues which were experienced in the construction of a vertical adjustment system. There is a description of cracking in a component, with an accompanying photograph depicting the issue.
Hugh Mayer, Systems Engineering, Criteria 5

Criteria 6

Use of diagnostic test procedures and interpreting test data

These folio pages describe different tests of the racing simulator system. The test results are compared with predicted results, and help inform any necessary modifications to the system design.
Alexander Stevensen, Systems Engineering, Criteria 6
This folio page is a breakdown the coding sequences used in Hugh’s system design. The code is annotated to describe its function. The sequences are colour coded to indicate where they have been adapted from.
Hugh Mayer, Systems Engineering, Criteria 6

Criteria 7

Project management to realise the preferred option

Criteria 8

Evaluating the use of the systems engineering process, including finished, integrated controlled system

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