Print Layout

Nina Carise Magallanes

Templestowe College, Templestowe Lower

A digital illustration of a yellow bottlecap against a grey background. There is black text across its center which reads ‘bottlecaps’.
The logo for ‘Bottlecaps’, a collection of fantasy comics aimed at teenagers. The comics explore identity and emotions through characters who often bottle up their feelings.


Graphic novel

bottlecaps is a comic that follows a character named Cameron, who reflects on some bottled-up feelings that have been building up his whole life. Cameron struggles particularly with silence and noise, as well as the problems posed by growing up in a society where he was viewed as a minority.

In creating bottlecaps I drew on my own personal experiences and emotions to form these characters. I hope to connect to other teenagers who may also struggle to find a way to convey their own suppressed feelings.

Indiana Rickard Smith

Sacre Coeur, Glen Iris

A title page with large red text reading ‘Seventeen Films to Watch Before You’re Seventeen’. There are several illustrations of iconic film characters surrounding the text, set against a white background.
The front cover for ‘Seventeen Films to Watch Before You’re Seventeen’, an illustrated book that celebrates unmissable coming-of-age films.

Seventeen Films to Watch Before You’re Seventeen

Hardcover book

Seventeen Films to Watch Before You’re Seventeen is a hardcover book that is a compilation of 17 coming-of-age films that have had a personal impact on me throughout my formative teenage years.

Chronicled in order of the level of maturity required to watch each film, it serves as a book of recommendations for teenagers with a passion for film. Accompanying my own reviews, I detail how each film has had its own special impact on my character, alongside illustrations of my most memorable props and characters.

Jackson Miles

Heathmont College, Heathmont

A title page with text reading ‘Horrors of Hollywood’. The typeface is white with a drip effect and is set against a black background.
The front cover for ‘Horrors of Hollywood’, a book of photos and photoshoot props which explore the dark side of Hollywood glamour.

Horrors of Hollywood

Hard-cover case-bound book and photoshoot props

Horrors of Hollywood captures the abnormalities of Hollywood through the story of a mega pop star’s rise and fall in fame. The aim of my project is to inform people of the glamorous but harsh world of Hollywood, the darkness of fame, and the power that the music industry has over celebrities, especially recording artists. I used the devil to symbolise the pop star’s management and I wanted this character to feel otherworldly and larger than life. To achieve this I created a goat-like mask that I made out of papier-mâché, and a set of forward-facing heels, which I made out of wood, to act as hooves.

Ruby Dawson

Mildura Senior College, Mildura

An illustration of a cowboy sitting on a horse, with a landscape of green hills and a starry night sky.
The cover of ‘Cowboys Have Feelings Too’, a children’s storybook about a cowboy called Bullet Tooth Otis. The narrative explores social expectations around masculinity.

Cowboys Have Feelings Too

Lithographic print

This hardcover children’s picture book explores emotional vulnerability within masculinity. The book follows the story of a cowboy named Bullet Tooth Otis who, despite being the toughest cowboy in the West, is quite a sensitive guy. I came up with the analogy of a cowboy in the Wild West to represent society’s expectations of what it means to be a man. I then challenged these expectations by using the Cowboy as not only a symbol of toughness, but also one of softness and sweetness. Visually I was inspired by the children’s TV show Adventure Time and the way in which it uses an over-the-top colour scheme and aesthetic to contrast its often-philosophical content.

Philippa Speldewinde

Surf Coast Secondary College, Torquay

A digitally illustrated cover page reading ‘Capricious: 24 stories for 21st century females’. The text is black against a white background. There is a red flower below the text.
‘Capricious’ is a book of short nonfiction narratives paired with black and white portrait photography, focusing on young women’s experiences in the 21st Century.


Laser print

Capricious is a short story non-fiction book with 24 stories from 21st- century females about life as a teenage girl. It explores a range of themes, including mental health, sport, friendships and relationships, and aims to create role models for girls who believe they are alone in this world. I wanted my Media product to be based on the meaning of ‘capricious’ – an unaccountable change in behaviour. I also wanted to create something that shared real-life stories from individuals, and so a book of short stories came naturally. I was directly inspired by the book All of This is For You and used a similar simplistic, but delicate, page layout in my own creation.

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