Visual Communication Design

Visual designers create and communicate through visual means to influence everyday life for individuals, communities and societies. VCE Visual Communication Design examines the way that visual language can be used to convey ideas, information and messages in the fields of communication, environmental and industrial design. The study relies on drawing as the primary component of visual language to support the conception and visualisation of ideas.

These final presentations and folios on display demonstrate student research and the generation, visualisation, development and refinement of ideas. Some exhibitors have explored these key fields through innovative product reinvention, while others have taken inspiration from contemporary society.  Students prepared a brief, employed a design process and applied design thinking to produce their visual communication presentations.

William Allen

Northcote High School, Northcote

A ‘Re-thinking’ of the Portable Classroom

Balsa wood, cork, acetate, inkjet print, modular/collaborative couch, inkjet print

Modular/Collaborative Couch

Inkjet print

Client: Northcote High School

My primary influence was Northcote High School’s desire to create an environment that embodies an ‘organic’ aesthetic. I used plant walls and integrated gardens within the classroom spaces, alongside the calming colours and curved forms of the furniture, to emphasise this aesthetic and create a stimulating learning environment for students.

Jared Baum

Ballarat Clarendon College, Ballarat

Presentation board depicting ‘The Gap’ logo design and promotional merchandise

Inkjet print

Architectural model of ‘The Gap’ indoor rock climbing gym and accompanying floor plan

Balsa wood, plywood, acetate, synthetic plants, sand paper, inkjet print

Client: Daniel Fletcher

In the wake of significant government intervention into climbing access in The Grampians, my design provides an alternative space for tourists and locals alike to climb. The architecture mirrors the local environment and geology, in order to provide a natural climbing experience akin to what one would encounter outdoors.

Stephanie Cheng

Nossal High School, Berwick

Reef Conservation Building environmental design

Inkjet print of architectural drawings

Reef Conservation Foundation promotional material

Inkjet print of promotional material, merchandise mock-ups

Client: Reef Conservation Foundation

The aim of the Reef Conservation Foundation is to generate awareness and action regarding the issue of global warming and its effects on Australian reefs. Research into the devastation of Australian reefs heavily influenced my design process, not only aesthetically but also in the environmental features and materials that I chose to reflect the foundation’s values. Bright colours and organic shapes are used to attract the audience as well as highlight the decline of our iconic reefs.

Georgia Collins

Oxley Christian College, Lilydale

Habits: The Mindfulness Zine

Inkjet print

The Mindfulness Pod

Oak wood, plywood, acrylic, cotton fabric, LED light

Client: The Zen Den

The aim of The Zen Den is to encourage students to become more conscious of their mental health and create habits for better wellbeing. It explores biophilic design, using organic shapes and shades of green to bring nature indoors. All these elements contribute to creating a quiet, contemplative space. The zine is visually striking and demonstrates student mindfulness practices.

Celia Davidson

Wesley College, Melbourne

VERT: subterranean homes

Inkjet print, foam core

VERT: propaganda posters

Inkjet print, foam core

Client: Mia Davidson

VERT emerged from my desire to create a subterranean house. Aesthetically inspired by Villa Vals, a holiday home in Switzerland embedded into the hillside with primarily subterranean living spaces, I explored the interrelationship of sustainable materials and modern architecture in my research. This then led to the environmental propaganda posters, which naturally fell into place. For my communication component, I created these posters using digital design techniques such as Illustrator.

Blake Hudson

Caulfield Grammar School, Elsternwick

Logo and brand identity

Inkjet and colour laser prints, cardboard

Point-of-sale display

Inkjet and laser prints, cardboard, 5 mm foam-core board, spray adhesive, double-sided tape

Client: Hetherington’s Dog Food Pty Ltd

Hambleton Dog Foods needed a logo and brand identity for its ‘Hounds of Hambleton’ range of dog treats, to help it stand out in a competitive marketplace. I developed a comic-inspired, pop art design, with bold colours and graphics that burst from the packaging and point of sale to attract the attention of dog lovers.

Yvonne Jin

Camberwell Girls Grammar School, Canterbury

Balwyn Park playground diorama

Paperboard, basalt wood, floral foam, PLA plastic, coconut coir, artificial moss, real wood sticker, metal sheet, wire

Client: Boroondara City Council

‘Boroondara Play!’ corporate identity Inkjet print, foam core The mission of ‘Boroondara Play!’, a program launched by the Boroondara City Council, is to encourage children’s outdoor activity beyond digital screens. Heavily influenced by the playfulness of children, the designed corporate identity and Balwyn Park playscape distinguish themselves by their creative and vibrant nature. 3D printing technology plays a major part in this diorama.

Yi Jing

Firbank Grammar School, Brighton

Logo and brand identity

Digital media – Adobe Illustrator, laser print

Speaker design and orthogonal drawing

Digital media – Adobe Illustrator, laser print, acrylic paint, quick-drying clay

Client: Rico, William Keane

The founder of Rico, William Keane, believes that dogs are a source of joy and companionship to humans. Therefore, Keane decided to use an image of a dog as the symbolic representation of the character and qualities of his company. I have undertaken research into various audio brands and taken my main influence from trending brands such as Jarre, AeroBull and Ultimate Ears.

Cordelia King

Carey Baptist Grammar School, Kew

Architectural design

Perspex, plywood, paint

Brand identity

Laser print, foam core

Client: Jason and Jo Cooper

My clients were focused on creating designs that presented sustainable, environmental and minimalist aesthetics. This heavily influenced my design in terms of experimenting and choosing particular materials and colours. Their direction towards a younger audience meant that the nature of the design was simple, modern and straightforward, but still engaging and contemporary.

Marsalis Lam

Cheltenham Secondary College, Moorabbin

Snapshot brand identity

Laser print, laminated foam core, card, recycled paper, steel keyring

World View Action Camera

Laser print, laminated foam core

Client: Snapshot

Snapshot’s focus on adventure and nature heavily influenced Snapshot’s brand identity and that of the action camera itself. Vibrant colours were used to encapsulate this bold, daring spirit. Additionally, the recyclable materials used for the camera reduce its carbon footprint and link back to Snapshot’s environmental connections.

Zavia Lingenti

Santa Maria College, Northcote

Brand identity

Vector-based programs, ink and inkjet print, textiles, acrylic paint, lino ink and tools

Picture book

Vector- and raster-based programs, watercolour paint and brushes, coloured pencils, ink and inkjet print

Client: Santa Maria College

The partnership between the Filipino community in Bacolod and the Australian Santa Maria College community in Melbourne was the primary influence on my brand identity and picture book design. The use of bold symbolism and bright colours enables this message to be uniquely interpreted by all those involved in the Philippines immersion.

Han Ngo

Nossal High School, Berwick

Events Mascot toy design

Inkjet print

Event identity

Inkjet print, core boxboard, cotton

Client: Diego Iris Organisation (DIO)

DIO Events’ Nights of Frights Festival focuses on bringing Halloween to a contemporary Melbourne audience. To achieve this, it has commissioned the design of a playful mascot toy, and a Halloween-inspired event identity. These themes are accompanied by vibrant colours and circular motifs, to create an endearing and unique identity and establish the client in Australia indefinitely.

Matilda Pridham

Geelong Grammar School, Corio

Emergency shelter model

Balsa wood, cardboard, foam core, transparent paper

Presentation poster of model

Inkjet printer

Client: Techo

The principal focus of Techo is to use architectural design in creating secure and functional spaces for families and individuals struggling in crisis situations, such as the escalating humanitarian crisis in Mexico. The shelter provides a safe and private space for its users and is modular in form, creating an adaptable and multifaceted structure.

Erika Rajic

MacKillop College Werribee

Company logo and travel posters

Inkjet print

Travel wallet and tag packs

Inkjet print

Client: Adventure Awaits

Designing the face of travel agency Adventure Awaits, I aimed to create a logo that is modern and adaptable. The advertisements are centred around different European destinations. My goal was to capture tradition and culture in a way that displays something unique about each location. This notion is also what drove the travel wallet designs.

Charlotte Zelouf

St Catherine’s School, Toorak

Social awareness campaign

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, inkjet print, Lightroom

Classic Interactive educational tool

Adobe Illustrator, inkjet printer

Client: Trigger

Trigger’s objective is to raise awareness of panic attacks, conveying the internal experience with confronting and powerful visual campaigns. This is achieved through the use of a black-and-white-toned design with accents of yellow. The research into symptoms and discussions with psychologists were used to further inform the public about feelings experienced during an attack.

Katie Zhou

McKinnon Secondary College, McKinnon


Inkjet print


Inkjet print

Client: The Eclectic Collective

The aim of The Eclectic Collective is to collate a diverse range of works by independent designers into one cohesive market space. This mission is reflected through the eclectic imagery of products within the logo and poster. The vibrant colour palette combined with the flat shapes creates a playful aesthetic, matching the market’s ambience.

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