Textiles folios

Product Design and Technology Assessment Criteria

Unit 3, Outcome 3: Designing for others – Documenting the product design process

Criteria 1

Skill in developing an end user/s’ profile, research, a design brief and evaluation criteria with reference to the product design factors.

Criteria 2

Skill in conducting research and communicating developmental work.

Criteria 3

Skill in developing creative and innovative design options, and ability to gain end user/s feedback and justify preferred option.

Criteria 4

Skill in preparing working drawings and a scheduled production/work plan (including quality measures).

Criteria 5

Ability to document understanding of and judgments about suitability of materials and production processes, tools, equipment and machines, and identify how the product would be manufactured in industry.

Alexis Daddo, Product Design and Technology, Unit 3, Criteria 5

Unit 4, Outcome 2: Product manufacture – Applying a range of production skills and processes safely

Criteria 6

Skill in the application of appropriate processes, including risk management and recording progress.

Criteria 7

Skill in project management and justifying modifications in realising the preferred option.

Left folio page demonstrates Criteria 6. Centre and right folio pages demonstrate Criteria 7

Criteria 8

Skill in developing a quality product that is creative and innovative.

Unit 4, Outcome 3: Product evaluation– Evaluating the finished product through testing and feedback

Criteria 9

Skill in evaluating the finished product; user instructions/care labels which communicate product features, care, use and/or assembly.

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