Silas Harris

Viewbank College, Rosanna

Depictions of Emotionalism

Laser print

My intention was to create a series of photographs that explored four major emotions: love, sadness, happiness and anger. These emotions are brought to life and displayed through the use of mise-en-scène, including set design, props and costuming, as well as colour and acting. I intended to include the symmetric framing style of director Wes Anderson, with a similar focus on colour and mise-enscène. Furthermore, I wanted to include elements of music in each photograph; for example, the inclusion of a violin to symbolise sadness.

Olivia Kourambas

Sacré Coeur, Glen Iris

Gen Z - The Zombie Generation

Kodak 400 film, Nikon FE, AF-Eii Minolta, inkjet printer, lightroom, Adobe Photoshop

GEN Z – The Zombie Generation explores the authenticity of teenage rebellion through the film aesthetics of punk youth in the 1980s and 1990s. My photographic series draws on stereotypes of post-millennials, while exploring the desires and behaviours of youth rebellion. My style of analogue photography captures the causes and narratives of youth rebellion, thereby depicting a variety of circumstances where youth are criticised by the rest of society. 

Upani Mapala-Gamage

Lyndale Secondary College, Dandenong North


Cotton rag paper (fine art print)

This conceptual photography series is a fictional representation of the psychological fears that a person may have. It uses a combination of influences, from dramatic black-and-white fine art imagery to Hitchcock’s classic psychological thriller Psycho. The use of low-key directional lighting, together with the post-production process of shadow manipulation, forms a progressive fictional narrative that attempts to spark personal reflection among audience members.

Chiara Mascaro

Frankston High School, Frankston


Dye sublimation print

I intended to portray the processes of roasting and brewing specialty coffee through a linear photographic narrative. Working with the genres of candid and environmental portraiture, I captured the individuals behind each process and depicted the passion of the baristas. Additionally, these processes were presented to an audience through a customer’s perspective, depicting the individualised experience offered by specialty coffee.

Jessica Ride

Firbank Grammar School, Brighton


Inkjet print

This media photography series highlights the physical effects of mental illness and brokenness. The painting and editing techniques I chose also emphasise an internal exploration of the self. Inspiration for my product was derived from Rich Lee’s project with Maroon 5, Love somebody, and the ballet piece Aurum by Alice Topp. Aurum is about Kintsugi, the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with gold lacquer that makes it stronger and more beautiful than when it was made. I wanted to focus specifically on people who have suffered from tragic life events and as a result, feel defeated and overpowered by the world around them.

Emily Thompson

Heathmont College, Heathmont

The Stereotypical Perception of Porcelain Dolls

Dye sublimation print

I intended to examine the stereotypical perception of porcelain dolls in a series of black-and-white photographic images aimed at 15–25 year olds. Each image reflects the horror genre by showing an individual doll within its dull and abandoned-looking nursery or room. Inspired by the style of TV thriller Pretty Little Liars and the horror film Annabelle, I photographed the dolls in a way that would emphasise the unsettling aspects of their nature.

Nicolai Yu

Suzanne Cory High School, Werribee


Inkjet print

My intention was to evoke a sense of youth and nostalgia in my audience by reflecting a retro aesthetic. The images within each collage were individually suspended to replicate the fragmented nature of memories, and they line up to form a more coherent moment when viewed from directly in front.

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