Learning Lab manifesto

We believe:

1. Interconnectedness is transparent when Deep Listening

We make time in our lives to focus on deep, respectful listening and quiet, still awareness to enrich and expand our sense of being and purpose. We are connected to all things. We explore our interconnectedness in the world and fearlessly discuss how life’s deep mysteries bring people together.

2. Creativity grows exponentially when collaborative

The most rewarding experiences are shared, co-creative and meaningful. We work collaboratively to build our collective knowledge and skills, creating an encouraging and welcoming space where everyone is inspired to communicate and create.

3. The best adventures are those of learning

It’s important to nurture curiosity and develop literacies for lifelong learning, so we can adapt, change, reflect and grow. We honour the exploration in experimentation and focus on process over perfection.

4. Creative technologies empower innovation

We embrace the magic and logic of digital technologies in transformative, social and sustainable ways. Our creations are illuminated on a dynamic canvas, through immersive sensory experiences where we can expand and deepen digital museum learning.

5. We all have a story to share

Our stories are what make us unique. By bringing them to life, we can make personal connections, exchange our cultures and share our narratives. We showcase stories that document, comment on and provide insight into our past, present and future including the real and relevant stories of Museums Victoria collections.

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