Virtual Play Box

This program is all about play, with the carer/parent as the first teacher.

We will be constructing and playing together, responding to movement and sound, and using what’s in your home to help the development of your child’s fine motor skills using sensory elements.

A dinosaur skeleton of a Tarbosaurus.

A long, long time ago

Come along with Justin and Simone as they visit the Dinosaur Walk exhibition and sing about some incredible prehistoric creatures.

Trees and mist

Back to nature

Learn how to grow your own garden at home and create a simple bird feeder that will encourage local birdlife to visit your backyard. 

Whale meets Giant Squid section in Marine exhibition

Treasures of the sea

Go for a swim with Simone and Justin around the Marine Gallery as they explore the ocean and learn about some of the amazing creatures that live there.

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