Heal Country! Bunjil’s Feathers

This week is NAIDOC Week, a time to celebrate First Peoples’ histories, cultures and knowledge systems. This year, the theme is Heal Country!

The health of our land and waterways affects the health of everyone, so it’s important we look after Country in whatever way we can. Country is much more than soil, rocks, waterways, or trees - it’s a living environment that sustains, and is sustained by, people.

Think about ways that you can care for Country, and share your thoughts by writing, colouring and decorating your very own paper Bunjil feather!

About Bunjil

Bunjil is the Ancestral Wedge-tailed Eagle, the creator. Bunjil created much of south-eastern Australia and the features and animals within it. He also created people, by breathing life into figures moulded from clay.

The name of Bunjilaka Aboriginal Cultural Centre was chosen because ‘Bunjilaka’ means 'the place of Bunjil', evoking a sense of ongoing creation.

You will need

What to do:

  1. Download the activity sheet and print it out at home
  2. Decorate your feather – get creative by writing, drawing and colouring! Think about what looking after Country means to you.
  3. Carefully cut your feather out and display it in your favourite spot at home!

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