Build your own sauropod, Spike

If you like the look of Spike and Sal’s neck sail and spines – why not design your own!

First though, let's learn a little bit about this dinosaur. Amargasaurus is an unusual-looking sauropod, mainly due to the large row of spines along its neck. Scientists believe these spines could also support a sail of skin across the neck, giving the Amargasaurus a threatening, but impressive appearance. There are many scientific theories as to its purpose, from regulating the temperature of its blood, attracting a mate or maybe even for fighting.

Why do you think the Amargasaurus might have had the neck sail?

Use the template to colour and create an Amargasaurus and design your own neck sail! Get creative! Maybe it can be spiky or funny or perhaps really terrifying?

You will need

What to do

Step 1: Place the A4 paper underneath the template and tape the edges to stop them moving.


Step 2: Colour in your Amargasaurus and the two neck sail designs. Use the third outline to design your own style of neck sail.


Step 3: Cut out your dinosaur and three sail designs. Make sure the page underneath isn’t slipping while you cut out the dinosaur. The neck sails don’t need the second page.


Step 4: You will now have two cut-outs of Amargasaurus and your three neck sails.


Step 5: Tape the inside of the two dinosaurs, making sure you leave a gap in the dinosaur’s neck for your neck sail tab to slip in.

Step 6: And there you go! Your Amargasaurus is ready to explore your loungeroom! Interchange your neck sails to create different looks for your dinosaur.

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