Port to port trivia

Test your general knowledge on questions relating to post-war migration to Victoria.

What port did new migrants arrive at in Melbourne?

What Australian city was the first port of call for migrant ships arriving to Australian shores?

Approximately how long did the boat journey take from Europe to Australia in the 1940s-60s?

True or False? After WWII ended, Ships built to carry troops were converted into transportation for migrants.

What was the most common route from Europe to Australia in the 1940s-1960s?

True or False? Passenger liners only stopped at ports to refuel and restock, and passengers were not allowed to disembark the ships.

What God would come aboard when you crossed the equator?

What decade witnessed the first arrival of immigrants to Australia by plane?

True or False? Australia's post war migration scheme witnessed the largest influx of immigrants to date.

Where would new migrants stay after arriving in Australia?

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