Italian trivia

Test your general knowledge on questions inspired by the post-war Italian migrant experience.

What inner-city Melbourne suburb is known as little Italy?

True or False? Marriages by proxy were a common practice for many Italian men living in Australia in the 1940s to the 1960s.

True or False? A deck of Italian cards consists of 50 cards, divided into five suits.

In Scopa what card is nicknamed “settebella” or “settebello”?

What migrant camp near Wodonga was the largest and longest-lasting migrant reception centre in post-war Australia?

Tomatoes should be companion planted with:

What would you traditionally expect to receive as a Bomboniere at an Italian wedding?

True or False? Dean Martin’s hit song “Volare” was originally performed at the Eurovision Song by a different performer and under a different name.

What Melbourne establishment had the first espresso machine?

What would you traditionally find in spaghetti carbonara?

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